Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi All:

We are in the Library here in Unionville, MO.

Mom has found a bunch of info. On the King family so we may have to stay over till Monday before heading for Kansas and her kin.

We had about 3-4 inches of snow on the car this morning and they are expecting more later tonight

We are having a good time but have no cell phone in this area and only have the internet her in the library.

Love Ya all!!

Pappy Daddy

Friday, March 19, 2010

Change in Great Grandparent Hunt!

I am writing a longer email ab out our trip to all of you, but can't finish it this morning, so just wanted you to know that we have added (not really "changed") another great grandparent hunt to our list! Last night I happened to run into a KING website that gave me Benjamin King's wife's parents names, which I didn't know for sure, AND it gave Benjamin King's death date and PLACE, which I didn't have!
(Benjamin King is Dad/Gpa's great grandfather on his Mother's side).

Since his deathplace was in MISSOURI, which is where we are, we are going to drive an extra 300 miles today to see if we can find out anything more about his parentage. I warned Dad/Gpa that it may all be for nothing, as that is the pattern of genealogical research..........hunt for years and find nothing, then WHAM! a new piece of info comes around and you are all set for another few years of motivation! But he wants to do it! I am excited!

We are going to Putnam County in the north of Missouri today, and probably will be there tomorrow, then start back down into the Wichita area on Sat. eve or Sun. afternoon after church to hunt for my great grandmother Maggie Jane. Please pray for our success! Hunting for TWO GREATS should bring at least ONE great result, don't you think?

We had a wonderful, long visit with Dad's cousin, Galen, who is Uncle Floyd's son (Uncle Floyd is Grandma Whicker's brother) and his wife last night, it was just so fulfilling. Wonderful people! We exchanged email addresses, so we'll keep in touch now.

Love you all so much!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Howdy All:

We have been having a great time!

We, as you know, spent a week in St. George with Glenn, Pam and Katie, we spent some time in Humble TX at Andy, Tara, Tyler, Audrie, Kaylee’s home; then on to Colleyville TX for a nice visit with Marinne, David, Townes and Lillie Mae, both wonderful families!

On leaving Colleyville we drove north to Henessey OK where we visited and stayed 2 nights at Barbara (Delambert) Herod’s and her husband Walter’s home; We attended church with them on Sunday; they have a really nice home and were great hosts; I sure hope they can come visit in our home sometime.

The next day we went to Tulsa where we got in contact with my cousin Forrest Andrews my Aunt Sylvia (Whicker), and Guy Andrews oldest son. He was a great host, also, and showed us the sights in Tulsa. We went out to eat at a buffet. We then drove on to Springfield MO where we stayed 2 nights in the Arbor Suites at the Mall. We got to see and visit with Edwin King, Uncle John’s oldest son for awhile. He was pretty tied to his home phone, awaiting word about his only daughter’s biopsy tests on her thyroid; he doesn’t have a cell phone, e-mail or anything modern except for his house and car; he’s quite a guy. He and Sheila have finally set the date for their marriage as the 30th of May, but don’t anybody hold their breath!

We moved down to Carthage today and finally got in contact with a couple of King cousins; however many of them are sick, but we did talk on the phone with Ronnie, Uncle Floyd’s son and also other son, in this area, Galen and his wife are going out to eat with us, here in Carthage this evening.

I talked to Linda Hall, Uncle Floyd’s oldest daughter on the phone last night and may be able to contact her son who is living in this area, also.

I expect we will be heading for Kansas tomorrow to find some of Mom’s relatives: I don’t think we are going to last much longer as our bed seems to be calling us home; we will be like the couple in that IKEA commercial, I’m sure.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon. (a week or so)

Loves Ya Mucho


Sunday, March 7, 2010