Thursday, June 11, 2015

In Honor Of Our Soldiers

I wish I could write this BESIDE the picture, but I don't know how to get it there!

Most of you younger kids won't have any idea what this is, maybe even some of my children.  It's a great memory in my life from World War II.

This is called a Mother's least that's the name I knew.  I understand it began in WWI.  Of course, I knew about them from WWII.  When a young man was sent to war,  his family was given a flag like this to hang in their windows, showing that their loved one was fighting for our freedom.  If the soldier happened to not make it back home, they were given a black star to sew over the blue one, or sometimes, they were given a new flag.  They were beautiful!    I felt such love and gratitude for this honor to show in my Grandmother's window for the time and sacrifice my Uncle David Rintoul was giving in the Army Air Force!  (There was no separate Air Force then)

I guess they are still used sometimes, but as a whole, we just don't honor our soldiers quite as extensively as we did then.  That flag brought the only tear I ever saw my Grandmother shed!

I have spent a long time today looking for my Uncle David's picture in his uniform, but I can't find it just now.  He was my favorite Uncle on my Mom's side.

Thank you, Gpa/Dad and our Johnny, Uncle Glenn, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Fred and you grandchildren who have been or are now serving, for your service for the greatest Country in the world!  A 'flag' will always fly in my heart in gratitude.

Love, Mom/Gma