Saturday, August 28, 2010


28 August 2010

Hi All:

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, believe it or not! Sometimes it kind of, almost, hurts. I’ve known and said many times that “Love is the Answer” to almost every problem we face in this life; if we really understood and knew how to use it in our lives and relationships.

When Mom and I were discussing our lives, one time, while I was trying to figure out how she had been so strong and continued to love me even during our most difficult times, she made the statement that she knew who I really was; a very strange comment it seemed to me. How could she know that, when I was living and demonstrating such an unworthy life?

Free Agency, while necessary for our growth and progress seems to almost work against our relationships and families; however if we knew who our loved ones are instead of what they are we could give them a chance to learn from their mistakes and grow into who they really are. It is hard to keep in mind that no matter what they are at this point that they are a child of God and due to the Atonement can yet overcome the natural man, which they are, here in this existence and truly become who they are…a child of God.

The road is rough for all of us and even rougher for some. We had the opportunity to observe this truth, not only from our own personal experiences but through our Addiction Recovery Mission and those who killed John for some drug money.

What I’m trying to get across is that we all are God’s children and we all have weaknesses. Some are hard to see and seem inconsequential but sin is sin and all would keep us from returning to our Father without our partaking of the gift of the Atonement!

As I witness the difficulties that many in our family are experiencing I could easily get very depressed and some might say it would serve me right. I can’t help but realize that my horrible example for many years is bound to have had an effect on all our family; yet hopefully I can be forgiven by them as well as the Lord through his Atonement for all who will partake of it.

I want you all to know that I love you and would encourage all, no matter what circumstances you are in at the present, to remember to look at your mates, children, friends and all you know as God does and love them, no matter what; that doesn’t mean accept all they do and what they are at this time, just continue to love them and encourage them to take advantage of the Saviors gift to all.

I sometimes get concerned about how the Lord is going to straighten out my life but I’ll leave it up to him. I know that he is aware of the love I have for all of my offspring and the desire for them all to prosper and grow, and for us to all be together in his Kingdom.

Well I guess that is about it for now. I only ask that you all consider what I have been trying to say here and remember the commandments, keep them and when you stumble repent and turn around.

Love one another for who they are and not what they seem to be at this time. Repentance is the first step in taking advantage of the Atonement.

Love one another through thick and thin, no matter what.

Love Dad / GrandPap

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dover Stories

Dear Families (especially grandchildren who may not have already heard these stories!)
When we lived in Dover, Delaware, one of the members was a lady named Marion Tracy. She and her husband were quite wealthy. I worked for awhile at their publishing office, using a varityper (Now not to be found anywhere but in museums!)to print the original of some of their publications. Marion was my visiting teacher, and one day she invited me and another sister who was on her VT route, to come to lunch at her house. Anyone who was ever in her house noticed that she was a the perfect hostess, i.e., she fixed nice, semi-formal tables with centerpieces and everything, and her house was perfectly kept. We had our first 5 small children at the time, with only one of them in school, so I had to take my four little boys with me to lunch. My boys were very polite and I had told them to not be roudy or anything, so all was fine until we sat down at the table, my boys with wide eyes looked at the beautiful flowers at the center of the table, the silverware placed perfectly, the beautiful china.....and the napkins! In a quiet but very audible voice, my 3 year old asked, "Mommy what are these for?" holding up his nice CLOTH napkin! I was a bit embarrassed, not much, though. I explained to Marion that the 'napkins' at our house were two at each end of the table, or paper napkins if we wanted to be extra fancy; our dinnerware was durable Melmac (anyone remember that?) the glasses were plastic because we couldn't afford any breakage, and the centerpiece was a large bowl of the main course and/or a salad, because I didn't have a big enough energy or a big enough table to allow for the extra time and space that it would require for a centerpiece!
Another story that turned out to be funny after it was all over: We had five children that we took to church, and of course, the Heeshes had five also. We would have been in trouble if there had been a seat belt law at that time! We had a small station wagon that we used for these 12 mile trips to church and Primary. One Sunday, we visited out on the Green for awhile, as usual, and then loaded everyone (we thought) into the wagon and returned to Bowers Beach. When we let the Heesh children out, we were shocked to find we only had 4 Whicker children left! It was no surprise, though, to realize that the missing child was our 6 or 7 year old Chuck, who had always been (and still is) our music maker and had/has the unique mind workings of an artist/philosoper....creative, but absent minded, and often not aware of anything going on around him if he was involved in his own thinking! I was panicked, and we hurried back to Dover to find him. When we got to the church, everyone (except our Branch President and his wife) was gone and the building was locked up! Now I was really worried, because there was no sign of our Charlie outside anywhere! The Branch Pres. hadn't seen him, either! We called and called him, and there was no answer. As we stood there, thinking what to do next, we suddenly heard singing....coming from INSIDE the building! They unlocked the door and we located him -- in the bathroom -- totally unaware that church was over and everyone had gone home, and that it was almost an hour that he had been there, probably composing his own song, which he did often! As we all know, he now has many original and powerful songs. He also remains a thinker, along with all of our children, and we have enjoyed lots of family circle discussions after church as the kids grew older, because all of them were very interested in learning about the gospel.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday New Edition

Hi, Everyone!

We've had a trying 10 days, at least trying for Dad who is having to take
care of me. I twisted my knee (I didn't FALL, though!) trying to adjust
the back swing. I had been having trouble with that knee for about two
weeks, and then when I twisted it, it "POPPED" so loud I couldn't believe
it came from ME. The pain was excruciating...I couldn't even put an
ounce of weight on it. Glenn, this was about an hour after I told you I
was doing very well! I was so encouraged when I talked to you;. I have
been swinging on the backswing and riding my bike, and it gave that knee
quite a bit of relief, so I thought it was getting well.

I didn't want to go to the hospital emergency because I was so afraid
they would tell me I had to have a new knee! I just don't want any more
surgery if I can help it...that's why I was so happy with the progress I
thought I was making with the backswing and the bike. I will see our
family Dr. this week and see if I can at least do some walking in an
effort to try and strengthen it.

Chuck has been doing all the cooking and dishes, all the mowing and most
of the trash gathering. He is a very big help, especially right now.
Gpa/Dad has been working on his new flyin' machine, in between his
wife-babying activities. He's only been up a couple of times this year,
I think! The red tape with the FAA now that they have to have "N"
numbers, is terrific. He has to go to Tooele to get his inspection and
training to finalize his license, and he couldn't do that until he got
his "N" number, so it is taking months to get everything done.

Years ago, I happened to strike up a conversation with a woman in the
Salt Lake Family History Library. Before long, she mentioned that she
lived in Dover, Delaware! I asked her if she was LDS, and she was, so
then I told her that we had been in that branch when we were baptized.
It was so amazing, because I don't usually get involved in conversation
with anyone when I am doing research there. We moved from that branch
the month before she and her family moved IN! She told me she was
writing a history of the Dover Branch and Ward! We knew a lot of the
same people, of course, so it was really fun talking to her. I told her
a couple of our stories from our Dover Days, and she included those in
her history This past week, I received a copy of that history! It was
so fun to read! We found out a lot about what had happened to those we
had been so close to.

One very interesting thing was about the little boy who was trapped under
the garage door and saw and/or heard birdies while he was unconscious.
I'm sure you have all heard that story. Well, he was the son of a couple
in the Dover Ward! We didn't know them, but that was fun to find out.

I'm making all of you a copy of it (at least the 5 of you who were there
with us.) as soon as I can. It is 91 pages long, so it will take a few
days! Or maybe I can scan it. Would Cute PDF take a lengthy document
like that, Glenn? It was sure fun for us!

Connie, Sarah, Jaycee and Callee were here to visit last night while Dad
was at the Temple. I really enjoyed having them....kind of a rare chance
when they get to come!

I was so sorry to miss the two blessings last Sunday. I don't like to
miss that kind of thing in our family! Those babies are all so darling.

Dad and Chuck are home from church, so I'll quit and eat the dinner Chuck
has made for us! We always love to hear how each of you are doing, and
LOVE the stories about your little ones!

Love to all,