Monday, December 27, 2010


Dear Ones:

I hope everyone had a very joyful time celebrating the birth of our

The Halls came over Christmas eve afternoon  and brought gifts.  They are
such fun!  Ryanne had spent many many hours making a beautiful album for
me for  my birthday with pictures of me as a baby and gradually
progressing to a grey haired old lady!  It is really a nice one, and I
can't wait for the rest of you to see it.   Paytie had me polish her
fingernails and then she polished mine!  Good thing it was clear polish,
because my knuckles wouldn't look too good in  red!

We had fun at Rea Jo and David's house Christmas Eve.  We had their names
this year, so we went over and took pizza to add to their other goodies,
and ate with them.  Then we opened the gifts from them to us and from us
to them.  Rea Jo suggested we each give the receiver of our gifts a wish
for the coming year, and that was fun.  Amazing thing-- RJ wished I
would be headache free (I can't remember if she said all year or what)
but anyway I was TOTALLY headache free on Christmas Day, which hasn't
happened for a very long time! It was wonderful!

Christmas Day we spent visiting, then when we came home, Fred came over
and spent some time with us, which was GREAT!  We haven't been able to
spend that much time talking to him for such a long time!  Penny and her
Mother had gone  to her sister's in SLC for a quilting project, so he
didn't have to get back home or  anything.   It was a great Christmas
present for us!  Jeff, Lynda, Christopher and Michael came over while
Fred was  here and they were all so glad to get to visit with  him, too.
They brought us some of their wonderful Christmas dinner, which we really
enjoyed,  as we hadn't had much but junk snacks for lunch!


I want to let you know that the Glenn Whicker fam will with us!

I would like to try doing our Minute to win it party a little differently
this time.  I think it would be fun to have all of us watching when
anyone is doing a game.  I also would like for the little kids to be able
to compete within their own peer group as much as possible.  Soooo,
here's an idea:

These are the age groups of the little ones that I think will be there (I
haven't heard from all of  them yet, so I may be wrong)

Besides the tiny babies, we have:

2 18 month olds (Chloe and Ella)

3 2 yr. olds (Aubree, Sierra, Jaycee)

2 3 yr. olds (Sophie and Payton)

2 4 yr. olds (Lexi and Addie)

2 5 yr. olds (Kayden and Ethan)

I want the little kids to have their time in the spotlight, and I want to
watch all of them, so what do you think about having a game that all 5 of
the youngest could attempt together, the the 5 that are 3 and 4 years old
do one together, and let Kayden and Ethan compete against each other in
some kind of a relay race, etc.  We could do all of them,and then divide
up into teams for the adults to play.

I believe we will have quite a number of adults and young people there,
so I hope that we can have each team pick one person to do each game to
represent their team, and have about 8 games.  We will pick the teams
when we get there, as it depends on how many of us there are.  When those
games are done, then we could  do like we did last time and have a free
for all, letting everyone try any game they want to all at the same time.

To do this, I would like to request that parents of one of the youngest 5
prepare a game for that group, parents of the 3-4 year olds prepare a
game for that group, and Benji or Mikelle prepare a game for their two.

As we did last time, everyone please bring a dish of any kind (dessert,
salad, soup, or main dish).

However, since there will be so many of us, I would like to have you
prepare a game if you want to so that we will have at least 8 games
besides the little kids games, but as long as we have 8 we will be good,
so everyone won't HAVE to prepare one.  If we have more than 8, it will
work out fine.

Let me know which game you would like  to do just so we won't have
duplicates.  Glenn  & Pam are doing the Kissing Christmas tree
ornament...that's not the official name, but you will know if you've seen
it.  We will have Nut Stacker again.  That's all I know of as of now.

The set up of tables and equipment for games, etc., will begin at 3:30
p.m.   We have the church reserved until 8 p.m.  A lot of people have to
work, so we will plan on eating at 5:30, then  playing games after
cleanup. If anyone wants to bring things that the little kids would enjoy
playing with while we clean up and after they get through with their
games, please do.

We will bring the paper plates, cups, utensils.  I haven't planned any
table decorations, so if someone wants to guide us on that, I would much
appreciate it.  I'll bring whatever you tell me to bring for that!  I
have some garland stuff, etc.   I'm just no good at planning it.  Maybe
we could all just bring a centerpiece?  Does anyone know where to get the
white paper to go on the tables?  PLEASE let me no promptly!

This takes place at our church building about 800 East on 200 North.

Any questions or suggestions, send immediately!

Should be a lot of fun!  See you there!


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