Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Party Planning

We did the scheduling of this party so that those who are in school could come during their days off of school.  However, we still ran into problems with the ones who were working.  We could do it on a weekend in another year, since Christmas and New Year's Day are not always on Saturday.  Here are some pros and cons about when and where to have our next get together.  Jeff has suggested that we just have a one day get together on an annual basis rather than try for a three day reunion every five years or so.  Please let us know what you think?  If you have date preferences, let us know about those,


  1. Fall, St George. Beautiful, plenty to see/do; camping doesn't cost much.

  2. DAY CAMP AT THE WALTONS: If in summer or autumn... we could do a DAY CAMP in our big back yard. Anyone who wanted to "tent it" could; some could sleep at Mom and Dad's, perhaps some of the younger kids could stay at the 3Roomies apartment with them, which is only 1 mile away. Tetherball, climbing tree, tree swings, big two-story playhouse, we could play Blongo, badminton, board games, and a water balloon fight (using our old-fashioned outdoor water post). We have a big cabana and picnic tables; Jeff my Bro could bring his big grill; we could also have a wading pool for the hot babies. PLEASE VOTE FOR THE WALTON DAY CAMP! (Sorry, Glenn and Pamela! Love ya!)

  3. May I also add: NO EXPENSES REQUIRED OF ANYONE BUT GLENN, so every household who comes can bring food to share AND throw $10 into the pot for gas mileage for them. Eh?