Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Memory from Buddy

When I was 16 or so, I was riding with Gma and Gpa Whicker in their old-people car in downtown Salt Lake. In fact, we were just headed down Capitol Hill. Some argument had arisen between the two of them, and it got just about as tense as I had ever felt it between them, which isn't very tense at all. But it was definitely contentious! And the subject matter was quite silly, too. I remember thinking, "Wow, why are you arguing about this again?" But at the same time I was formulating my own position in my head. Anyway, there was then a moment of heavy silence that could have been hewn with a butter knife, and it was Gpa's turn to rebut. I can't remember the subject, but for the moment we'll assume it was directions. I'll never forget what he said:

"Well, you always did know your way around better than me." He smiled at her, and then looked back at me and winked as quick as lightning.

Feelings of jest and love came swiftly to diffuse the tension, and I stood all amazed. Actually, I was sitting at the time. Since then I've tried to do what he did just as quickly and effectively, but I have not yet succeeded. But I'll never forget it! And someday I hope to achieve the same!

And one last thought--having heard a bit about Gpa's temper in days of yore, I ask this: Is such change possible without the Gospel of Jesus Christ? I say unto you, NAY!


  1. Buddy, I'm so thankful that you posted this and so quickly! On-the-ball manchild o' mine:) And on that note, I say unto YOU "absolutely not possible; that kind of change, without Jesus Christ!" The Savior IS the gospel. In MY experience, ALL healing, from a dis-ease in the body, to dis-ease in the mind, or a dis-eased spirit....ALL HEALING is created with the humble surrender to the Will of God ONLY -- and to choosing to LET GO of the dis-ease entirely, by literally handing it over AND allowing Christ to TAKE it.

    I had he opportunity to hear this memory from Buddy last Sunday. I had not heard it before. THIS, my dear parents, was a profound experience for my boy all those years ago! [Evident in the mere fact that he remembers it hahaha Bud (wink!)] Seriously, I marvel at this because you two didn't even know you were giving a grandson such a perfect GIFT....and what I get from Bud is that it is literally the GIFT that keeps on GIVING! THANK YOU, Popison & Mama...thank you, thank you. I sTand in gratitude. xoxo

  2. I hate it that you heard and felt that contention, Bud...but the healing that was granted through submission to the Savior and knowledge of the Gospel that He carefully established for our guidance -- that part of your experience I am very grateful for! I'm also grateful that your Grandpa who had the sensitivity to be aware of your discomfort!