Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

The weekend was very special in all of our lives! We thought about all of you, and missed the ones we couldn't see or talk to!

Glenn and Pam and some of their family were in Logan for the weekend, and so Glenn, James and Perris came down to go to General PH meeting with Dad. Chuck went, too, and then they came home and had rootbeer floats and played a couple of games on the Wii. Would love to keep that tradition going, and when possible, we'd like to have all the Growing Group of Grandsons join in each Conference!

Chuck and Dad and I all watched morning Conference together and enjoyed it very much. I continue to be impressed with the spiritual giants that we have leading us. In the afternoon, we got to spend some time with Rea Jo, David and Abby and Anna when they came over, and we were all watching Conference again when Jack, Natalie and little Jackson (not so little, though!) came by. It was so wonderful to have them here! They are cute, bright parents, and their babe is just absolutely adorable! We couldn't believe how much he had grown! We took pictures of Dad and I and Jackson, as I am trying to get a picture of every great grandchild with us sometime during 2010. My reasons for that are simply that I would give just about ANYTHING if I had a picture of me with my Great Grandma that was still alive when I was little. I don't know whether they will ever care about it as much as I do, but if they DO care, they will have a picture!!

Awhile after Conference, all of Benj and Connie's family came over except for Richie, who is in Louisiana doing a month of training for going to Afghanistan, and Jessica and Sierra. Those two are here, but Jessica wasn't feeling too well. What a fun time that was! Connie, Misti, Mary and Cody, Ronnie, Talon, Owen, Kayani, Benji, Stacy, Ethan, Aubree, Ryan, Sarah, and Jaycee............AND of course, little Sarah, Jr. was definitely THERE (note from Sarah....Thanks a LOT grandma!!! Everyone was giving me crap yesterday for being gigantically pregnant, but I never thought grandma would make sure even those who weren't there knew! :), although she is still keeping her face hidden for the time being! Those three little girl cousins are the cutest thing to watch together! The three boys were outside most of the time, and they have a ball together, too.

We were taking pictures of babies and us, and thought we were through..........not so!! Suddenly, Cody said, "OK, Ronnie, get up there with the baby!" I didn't quite realize what was going on until she jumped up on the couch (where we had the boys standing to take their pictures) and pulled her shirt up to show us the area where our THIRTY-FIFTH great grandchild presently resides! If I get her permission today, I'll put a couple of pictures on FACEBOOK! Congratulations, you soon-to-be family of SIX!

Sarah took on the ardous task of helping me get my pictures from last Halloween transferred to Facebook, and also getting all my pictures from our trip transferred on to my computer. I seem to be not picking that talent up very fast, hopefully it's because I just don't do it often enough rather than because I'm not smart enough! She seemed to laugh at me a lot with reference to computer stuff.....I didn't ever quite know WHY, but I'll bet most of you can easily see that scenario! I DO know how to do genealogy on the computer better than most of you 8-) !!

We also learned that Cody and Ronnie and fam are moving to MONTANA! He has a better job there, with better chances of advancement as I understood them. They've been away before, but this still seems sad in my heart. I am especially feeling sorry for Ethan right now. Such a cute family! I guess now, Gpa and I will have to take a trip to Wisconsin and Montana one of these days!

Mary got a massage from Chuck on his new massage table that he got last Christmas from Rebecca, and when Kayani saw them, she immediately told me about it, in a very worried tone! I tried to reassure her, as all of us did, but she just couldn't believe that he wasn't hurting Mary! Finally, she did get under the table and see Mary's face through the "face hole" in the table, and decided it wasn't quite so bad, but she was still concerned! So cute!

Thanks to all of you for giving us such a wonderful family, and may God Bless you in your desires to grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in His ways.

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