Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Trip, Week One and Two, Feb. 26 - March 4, 2010

I thought this was a good thing to add to your blog...hope it's okay! :) ~Sarah Jean

Dearest Families:

I just haven't been able to get an email written, we've been having so much fun! I'll give you a quick rundown on our travels.

We stayed in St. George for a week, waiting for Glenn and Katie to get out of school on Friday the 5th of March so we could take off that afternoon toward Houston. It was a crowded but delightful time with that little family, and probably an experience that we won't get to have again. I'm quite sure that Katie got the worst of it, as she was the only one that could ride even half way comfortably in the middle backseat! She got pretty bored, I know, but she was a good sport. We tried the "Tell a Story" game, like Misti, Sarah, Jenni and Alaina and I played on our way to California when little Johnny was you remember, girls? I remembered that we laughed our heads off when we did this game then, so we decided to try it. So, we are telling this story about a little boy with big ears who could hear extremely well (this is a short version) and eventually heard three other boys at school talking about slashing their teacher's tires. He wanted to stop them, but couldn't figure out how. Then our innovative Dad/son/Uncle/grandpa Glenn added to the story by saying that he decided to install a video camera so that he could watch the parking lot any time the teacher was there. The next person to add to the story was Katie, and she said...."BUT, even tho he thought about doing that, he found out that he couldn't afford it --- BECAUSE HE DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH ALLOWANCE BECAUSE HE DIDN'T GET GOOD ENOUGH GRADES!! We all had a good laugh over that one! A true case of experience speaking! In another part of the story, this little boy became so discouraged over the bullying he was getting, that he went home in the middle of the day. But immediately after that it was Pam's turn, and she quickly added that his mother said he had to go RIGHT back to school because he HAD to get his MATH done! (Can we guess that this might be a familiar phraseology in her life with some of her children?) It was really fun, but Grandpa, who doesn't have too good of an imagination but who loves rhyming things, kept just rhyming with the last person's last statement instead of really telling any part of the story!!! So funny. He eventually was so stumped that he just said, "And the little boy lived happily ever after!"...........and that didn't even rhyme!

I think it was about 7:30 on the last day of February when we got to the Hart Home. Andy was at a church meeting (he is the Stake Auditor, I believe). It was so good to see those little ones! We have only seen Kaylee at a few months old until this trip. She and Tyler and Audrey are SUCH little love bugs! Tara was exhausted from her day but still excited to see us and had a lovely dinner prepared for us. After dinner, it was just about bedtime, and every night, Tyler reads to the family from the Children's Reader version of the scriptures. He is such a good reader, and it was so easy to understand that I think I might change over to those readers!

On Tuesday, Kaylee seemed very interested in my playing the piano, so we put a stool by me so she could "play" with me. She played quite daintily with one finger on each hand, so I just watched which note she was playing, and I made chords to match it on my part of the piano. She loved that! Soon, I drew my hands back to my tummy (unintentionally, rather quickly) so I could just listen to her play by herself. She grinned after playing a few notes alone, and abruptly withdrew HER hands back to HER tummy very quickly and smiled up at me! I quickly understood that this was a GAME! So I did it again after playing a few notes, and she did it again, and etc., etc., etc. Pretty soon she broke into a full giggle, and it was SO darling! We had such a fun time!

Oh, I have to tell you about Katie's heart which was stolen by the puppy at the Hart home! Bella is their new dog, and although Tara is quite doubtful about enduring a dog in her house, she has bowed to the emotional needs of the kids............and ANDY! Well, Katie was head over heels in love! I got a couple of cute pictures that I'll try to post soon.

Wednesday, we all (except Andy) went miniature golfing in a psychedelic indoor course, made up with all kinds of huge statues of wild animals. The darkness and the bumpy floor made it scary going for me. I didn't play but I did get some good pictures. The kids had a great time, though!

Thanks to all of you who were there for making our stay so memorable. One thing I've often thought about that kind of bothers me.....when a family of our descendants live in our town or nearby, we NEVER get to go and visit for a day or two like we do with you who live so far away!Being with you guys for several hours a day lets us have a good view of what a fantastic family you are! We get to see fantastic "moments" with those close to us, but they are always all too short! (Don't worry, all of you who are close, we won't invade your homes for days at a time like we did Tara's!) There are, of course, many advantages to having you Northern Utahans close to us, too!

Thursday morning, Glenn and Pam and Katie were taken by Tara to the airport, and we packed up and took off in the car on our month long adventure! Next chapter to follow soon.

Love, Mom/Gma

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